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About The City

Düsseldorf is the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia and with all about 600.000 inhabitants one of the largest city of the country. The vibrant city is famous for its architecture, its fashion scene and last but not least for its beer. It is not for nothing that Düsseldorf has achieved excellent results when it came to the quality of life. A visit to this city guarantees an exciting blend of art and culture, eating and drinking, lifestyle and shopping and a thrilling nightlife. Experience the Rhinish way of life!

Discover Düsseldorf's most famous and  breathtaking buildings and architceture.

City districts
Discover routes through the city districts which are worth seeing.

Discover the highlights and tourist attractions of the most beautiful city on the Rhine.

Places To Go

Düsseldorf is a city of variety and offers a wide range of terrific spots and things to do to its visitors.

The "Königsallee" represents the cities elegant and life-affirming side. You can find hundreds of luxury stores of the world's most recommended brands on this shopping avenue. From the "Kö" it is just a short walk to the historical "Altstadt" (Old Town).

To experience the more indigenous flair of the city, you have to visit the Old Town with its "longest bar in the world". More than 260 bars and restaurants serve the most tasteful culinary meals and drinks there. Don't miss out a glass of "Altbier" which is traditionally made only in breweries in Düsseldorf.

Last but not least it is really essential to take a walk along the Rhine promenade until you reach the "Medienhafen". This district is well-known for its architecture, its stunning high quality restaurants and its chic nightlife scene. Wherever you go, there is something for everyone.

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