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Shopping Facilities

Düsseldorf as a fashion metropolis

Düsseldorf is a fashion metropolis. No matter where you go, this is where many famous brands are based. The latest collections are sold in stores located all over the city.

The "Königsallee" is one of the leading luxury shopping streets in Europe. Its appearance is characterized by the large "Kö-Graben" (a water ditch), the impressive trees which line the avenue, and of course the dozens of fashion stores. If you feel like spending a lot of money and enjoying expert advice and a superb service, the "Königsallee" is right up your alley.

Alternatively, just visit the "Shadowstraße" (the cheaper counterpart of the "Königsallee"). There you can find all the established brands as H&M, Zara, Primark, Gina Tricot and many more.

On rainy days it is recommendable to explore one of the shopping malls or department stores. "Kaufhof" offers a wide range of fashion, living accessories, sports equipment et cetera and is famous for its gourmet department. In 2013 the most luxury department store called "Breuninger" was opened. It is the roofed bad-weather-alternative for the "Königsallee". All eminent brands are offered on four floors and in a sophisticated atmosphere. Furthermore the outdoor area next to the "Breuninger" building is a nice place to have a coffee or a lunchtime snack.

Regardless of whether you are looking for high-priced fashion or cheaper clothing, you won't be able to leave Düsseldorf without having an extensive shopping trip.

The Medienhafen

The harbour district and its terrific architecture

The Medienhafen embodies the most modern side of Düsseldorf. In earlier times the area was dominated primarily by warehouses. Nowadays, the district is in a state of permanent change.

The old industrial buildings have been renovated and modernised. Several media and advertising companies have their seat there and likewise a range of restaurants, bars and clubs influence the fancy ambience of the harbour district. During the day many businessmen work around here and there is a lot of hustle and bustle. However in the evening many people visit the harbour district to have a date in one of the upper price range restaurants, or meet up with friends in one of the most popular bars, or dress up and go to a party.

The Medienhafen is also known for its outstanding architecture. The twisted tricolour buildings designed by the American architect Frank Gehry are worth seeing. You should enjoy one of the delicious cocktails in the so called "Meerbar" - a bar with an extraordinary and classy interior and a relaxed outdoor area. From there you can enjoy the view over the whole Medienhafen and watch the sundowner. If you are brave enough to explore the city from high above, you have to visit the Rhine Tower. The tower soars 240 meters and offers a breath-taking 360 degree view all over the city.

Old Town

The Old Town is placed right in the heart of the city centre. You can find 260 bars, restaurants, cafés, breweries and clubs strung together on the world-famous "Bolkerstreet". Here you can enjoy any culinary delight you like, you can just have a coffee or even a cocktail and have a blast with your friends and party till late at night.

No matter which season takes place, no matter if summer or winter - you should definitely try a sip of the "Uerige Altbier". It's a tradition to meet right in front of the oldest brewery in Düsseldorf and enjoy the very special and familiar atmosphere and drink a toast to each other.

If you are rather interested in culture und knowledge, you should not miss the popular historical sightseeing spots. Visit the Gothic St. Lambertus church and find out why it has a twisted tower; walk around the "Burgplatz" (big square) and experience the great charm with the located "Schlossturm" (palace tower); go to the town hall and take a selfie with the statue of the elector Jan-Wellem.

After a long day out and many experiences during city exploration, there are several spots to have a cool chill out and to calm down. The Rhine promenade offers a stunning view of Düsseldorfs skyline and the Oberkassel (district on the left Rhine side) Rhine banks. The so called "Kasematten" is a long stretched waterside promenade with dozen bistros and bars. Not the right spot to have a big party, but to enjoy the sundowner and let the day fade away in a relaxed atmosphere.

Especially in the summertime the Rhine is a gathering place for any type of people: students, business men, families and friends meet there for a barbecue on the Rhine banks or just have a cool drink at the big stairway right at the promenade.